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tv   [untitled]    July 12, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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amount of 445 thousand plus a 10 percent contiskancy for total not to exceed amount of 489, 713 dollars. can i have a motion to discuss? >> so moved >> second >> commissioner before i get into had various items that will follow i want to give a summary of the senior legal services. it will just make it easier i hope as we go through the various items. i want you to know that another component of rfp 635 that dealt with consumer advocacy include legal services for seniors. our solicitation brought in 4 bids and the 4 bidders are current legal service providers. i will be presenting the 4 new
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grant request and summarize common threads between them i will say san francisco is fortunate to have this network of legal service agencies that work so collaboratively together and inshurure confidence among the communities they serve. these agencies must adhere to set guidelines administered by the state and provide detailed reports on progress by way of quarterly basis. dos office on theagying also requested they attend a quarterly legal service work group so we can do joint problem solving and also coordinate effort more effectively. the 4 legal providers also responsible for re-creating a senior right fwulten and this is produced in 3 or 4 languages. it covers many important issues for
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seniors and used as a outreach tool. item h, asian americans advances justice alc, this is a very exciting busy year for the caucus. recently they were before the u.s. supreme court for a case they had won on the 9th circuit court of appeals, but the stale department appealed the decision so the caucus took the side of a home care worker that was a afghanistan refue gee to the supreme court. the court ruled 5 to 4 in favor of the government but in true form the caucus brought much leaded light [inaudible] not all cases are such high profile but the impact of the seniors needing help with immigration, employment justice, consumer
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rights, housing can be just as significant. maintains a staff of attorneys and community outreach works [inaudible] 2200 hours of legal assistance. alc is the lead agency when it comes to producing the multilingual senior rights bulletin which is a collaborative effort between the 4 providers. we urge your approval for the senior legal services grant. >> okay. any questions? okay. hearing none i'll call for the vote. before i did see-i have one before i do that. i just saw that you did have funding coming from the state [inaudible] i was in a foundation. that is what i was looking at. [inaudible] >> several of the agencies get
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funding from the state bar and they are well recognized for their good work. >> that is the only comment. all in favor? opposes? aye so the maegz carries. i, request authorization to enter into a new grants agreement with asian pacific islander legal out reach for term july 1, 2015-june, 30, 2018 amount of 342, 355 dollars pus 10 percent contisk not to exceed [inaudible] motion to discuss? >> so moved >> second >> commissioners this organization continues to be provide outstanding legal service for seniors. they meet their goals which are working
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with 324 unduplicated consumers and provide 2095 hours of legal assistance. the outreach staff are language appropriate and cultural company tent. this year they were able to also hire a spanish speaking staff person to accommodate many south of market residence seeking service and spanning speaking consumers. understanding barriers within the legal system is one of their strengths. they are community base model that works in leveling the equal justice playing fieldism many client wouldn't have access to the legal system otherwiseism we urge your support for this grant >> any questions? commissioner sims >> i'll ask it spirfckly to this one, but it is general question about this packet. is
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there a reason the budget summary and detailerize not consistent between the 4 provide rbs? some have a budget and salary summary and oprailting detail or salary and opwaiting detail and some don't >> the requirement is all v the full budget and i do know there is just a summary sheet here, but we do get a full budget for each. >> sh of the others later have missing various details as well >> sorry about that. i believe contracts did provide the full budgets for these programs. i know i reviewed them, i don't have them in front of me but i did review them. was there a particular item or- >> when you roll through these you get used to looking at all
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3 and when you are missing some you are not sure what you are approving >> i can say these agency operate with very minimal staffing. their staff is very company tent and very qualified and for the time being they are able and willing to work for not such high salaries. they are able to maintain the quality of service because we are seeing young attorneys come into the program and getting their-getting grounded in the community and also learning their particular field of law and so they benefit from that but again expensive for these programs are very very reasonable in comparison to what a regural legal firm would
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be >> is that something that you would like a copy to be sent to you? >> that a good way to resolve it. i'm sure everything is fine but going forward it would be nice to have all of these fairly consistent. >> who ever goes after me- >> are you still requesting a copy that we all be sent? okay. any other questions? i'll call for the vote--no. commissioner >> i have a quick question. on the last page of the budget-you have a full budget? because i only have the summary page? >> i'm curious why the percentage of [inaudible] is like 49.4 percent?
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>> which one? >> which page? >> it doesn't have a page number. it says appendix b page 2. maybe i'm not talking about that program, i'm talking about the big program? >> the overall? >> yeah >> what is listed on the commission memo you mean? >> the last-next to the last page is appendix b page 2. the whole package. >> legal assistance to the elderly >> wree not on that one yet. we are on i. >> sorry. that's for going to the bathroom i guess. >> we are on i am i not right? we are on i, so is there any
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other questions? hearing none could i have a motion to approve. all in favor? opposes? motion carries. j, request authorization to enter into a new grant agreement with lurosa for sleel service for seniors july 1, 2015-june, 30, 2018. amount of 426, 338. total not to exceed 468, 966 dollar. could i have a motion to discuss? >> so moved. >> thank you commissioners. [inaudible] is another legal service agency. they have in fact this past year seen a up surge in client cases due to effective outreach. also a stronger and bigger and better
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board of directors. also they had to step and respond the community emergencies, the fires that occurred in the mission and all the dis placement caused by the fires and the impact of gentrification. the staff works diligently providing 1563 hours to 164 consumers. the target population is spanish speaking latino community. lurosa is also active in participating in community collaborations that hold educational and outreach at centers and fairs. we urge your support for this grant >> any questions? hearing none i'll call for the vote. all in favor? opposes? the motion carries. j, request
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arthization to enter into a new grant agreement with lurosa central-k, request authsition to enter new grant agreement with legal assistance service to seniors for the term july 1, 2015-june 30, 2018 amount of 1, 240, 680 plus 10 percent contiskancy for total not to exceed 1, 364, 748. could i have a motion to discuss? >> so moved >> second >> okay. you are on >> commissioners, legal assistance to the eldserly, i regard them as a study work horse in the community. the last fiscal year, they were -there was a challenge that was
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posed to them in regards to finding new offices for their programs. they were actually priced out of their very centrally located premise at market and 6th street. director leavely worked diligently to find new space sw he found it in lower nob hill on suter street. actually cheaper than 6 and market. what they now lack in terms of ample space and easy to get to location, they make up for in renewed commitment to providing a better quality of life for seniors and persons with disabilities. lae is city wide service provider and there is a strong client base in the central city area as well. lae is adhering to the title 3 guidelines that senior legal service should target to those most in need and consumer certify action dem traits they
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are effective in handling a variety of cases. we urge your support for this class >> are there questions? >> i was going address commissioner loo's comment about the-- >> thank you. the 49 percent is the non coa >> right so they are-if you look at the salaries they are substantiallyly under market for staff attorneys and so is the percentage of benefit that is picked up in line 40 to other resources. >> thank you. >> thank you director henten. >> any other questions? >> can i ask a question? >> yes >> i was there at the location
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where 6th and market and they do give very excellent company tent service. they serve people well, but when i see this for the elderly there is a younger population seeking-go tupe the offices for help. i just wonder that this appropriation for the senior senior 6 5 or above, right? >> right, >> when i was there i observed many different times throughout 2 or 3 years. >> at one time commissioner lae did hold the contract for legal service for younger adults with disability but they do not any longer so that-it was during that time or it could very well be there are still people that
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come to seek their services. we know that their main focus is service for seniors hence their name, legal assistance to the elderly but they do actually do serve younger adults with disabilities as well >> i was there in the waiting room for a long time and we talked to each other. my impression >> agencies can have other sources of funds in addition to what we have and those additional funds would not necessarily show up in this contract. if you are interested in them meeting the goals and numbers and objectives of our contract. >> [inaudible] most younger [inaudible] >> commissioner, we do report to the state as i mentioned earlier on a quarterly basis and we have the numbers and the
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dem ographic information about the various age groups they service the cases open and closed so we have a very detailed number jz can provide you with some of those numbers if you show choose. >> thank you. >> your welcome. >> any other questions? could we call for the vote? all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> opposes? >> the motion carries. at this time commissioner seriina will take over squand with the rest of the agenda >> thank you. item l, requesting authorization to enter into a new grant agreement with asian pacific islander legal out reach to younger dult for disability, july 1, 2015-june, 30, 20
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twaen, 2 fiver 7, [inaudible] total not to exceed 282, 787. thank you maria. may i have a motion to discuss? >> so moved, and second >> thank you commissioner. commissioners, we also included in the consumer advocacy rfp a component for target younger adults with disabilities. we were just speaking of that population. we were prepared to select only one provider for this grant, for this rfp. we did have to pause and take another look because we had 2 strong bids for this particular request for proposal and agreed it would be a benefit to bring in a new provider that would also help
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open a new client base. the new grant is presented by my colleague mike zaug after i present item l. item l is the grant for api legal outreach. this is for the young aer adult with disability legal service. as i have mentioned, api legal outreach is a comp tent agency. they provide service for younger persons with disabilities by way of providing 195 units of service, legal assistance hours to at least 110 unduplicated consumers. when we explain there would be another legal service provider api outreach staff was eager to help make sure there is strong collabor programs and minimize duplication in service. >> thank you mariea. i have a
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question. in the target population on page one there is no mention of lgbt. >> very much so. >> any other comment or questions? >> one. it seems the language and background on page 2 is a little confusing. it says one service provider apilo will continue to provide this service through the non profit legal firm but the grant is for 2 new grants, so i'm confused about whether a grant is renewal and one is new if they are both new because it sounds as thou one is continuing. >> api legal outreach is actually returning to perform this work. they have the current contract now for the yad legal services so this will be a new contract for that program. so it isn't a renewal
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in the sense of a extension. it is a new contract grant we are asking you to approve. >> but they were the previous holder >> they are the current holder. for you and i it is considered a renewal, but in contract terms it is different >> okay, i'm good at that. >> [inaudible] you are highly decorated >> thank you. >> thank you. any other comments or questions? >> general question. between i and l one is for api for legal outreach for legal service for seniors and this is legal service for young adults with disability? >> right >> why are they separated? >> good question. traditionally through the older americans act money we had a
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pot of money called title 3 b money that provided funding for seen legal services and so we have been traditionally funlding these programs for a long time. as we integrated the department to also serve adult with disabilities we became awear while there wasn't a pot of money coming from the older americans act to fund we know there was a strong need in the community so we were able to develop general fund money to fun these. there are 2 separate pots of money that we are utilizing and we also want to be able to track progress within both groups and when we report to the state commissioner itani we are only reporting senior legal unit, we can't mix in the younger adults unit. >> any other comnlt or
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questions? comment or questions from the public? hearing none, all in favor? opposed? the motion carries >> thank you. >> item m, requesting authorization to enter into a new grant agreement with with independent living resource center in san francisco to legal service for younger adults with dish ability for the term july 20, 15, june 30, 2016 in the amount of 85 thousand dollars plus a 10 percent contiskancy total not to exceed 93, 500. michael zaug will present do i is a motion to discuss? >> this item before you is unique in that this is a new legal service provider. another unique aspect of the contract is this is legal service provided within a existing independent living
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center as opposed to a traditional law office. independent living resource center of san francisco itself a disability rights advocacy organization. they are located in the south of market neighborhood on howard between 5 and 6. a sampling of the service already provided there include counseling service assisted technology training and lending library of technology, housing and employment, support groups. they are also a dos community suvs contractor so they provide community service on site as well. [inaudible] has traung tie tooz the disacted community so wie will provide additional service already receiving service there in a environment they are comfortable with and no. it makes it easy it go from one office to the next. in house language capacity with
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[inaudible] spanish, cantonese, manren and american sign language. it will start july 1 of this year. while there are a range of legal subject service that could be provided i know the focus of interest is planning for disability [inaudible] also want to note this is a one year contract and so what we'll do over the next year is dos will work with ilrc to get them off the ground. we'll coordinate with legal service provider work group to increase network and flow of information as their program develops. they will be a official dos monitoring in spring of next year and i'll come before the commission next year reporting how their program has been doing in seeking a renewal of the grant at that time from you. happy
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to answer questions >> any comments or questions? commissioner loo >> yeah, i'm looking at the [inaudible] there is a error. >> okay >> hsa number 3 >> okay >> okay. somehow the total did not include the 400 dollars item 29, 400 dollars >> the total is actually- >> the total operating cost is 10, 692. it should be corrected >> i see on the total there. okay. >> the 400 dollars was left out in the total column >> we'll make that correction >> the other question is page 4, what is the repayment of ti loans do we do that kind of-- >> this is a tenet improvement
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loan. ilrc moved to the their new location and as a part of the move what they did is they have a 10 year lease with a 10 year extension office so potential 20 year lease and the building needed significant upgrading. in lieu of paying rent if the first 20 months a loan was taking to rehabilitation and upgrade it building to meet their specification. this is a common thing in commercial real estate and it is something that was given a close look by a particular contract department and myself and it is something that we feel is legitimate. >> thank you. any other comment or questions? >> can i ask a question? >> yes >> do they have actually have licensed attorney
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>> there is one licensed attorney. they have a candidate in mind but nothing is official until [inaudible] >> comnlts or questions? hearing none all in favor? opposed? the motion carries. we are now at n, request authsition to enter into a new grant agreement with jewish family and children services for naturalization services for the term july 1, 2015-june 30, 2018. in the amount of 206, 133. plus a 10 percent contiskancy for total not to exceed the amount of 226, 746. a motion to discuss? >> so moved >> second, thank you >> the next 7 agenda items are naturalization contract so i'll give a quick overview to smooth
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the process along with the next 7. naturalization contracts are coming it thend at the end of june. we have 7 contracts providers. we issued request in february and received 7 and award 7 proposals mptd they are contractors in place so many will be a new contract for dos perhaps as a new or continuation [inaudible]s we believe that these contractors have done a great job in previous years so we are excited to keep these relationships going. across the 7 contract you'll see variation as the type of service. you will also see cost variations as each agency has different expenses related to staffing and infrastructure. we think that spreading the contracts among the 7 provide
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rbs and using in combination really leaves us best situated to meet the diverse needs of san franciscans. naturalization services themselves includes sect category of service such as english as a second language class, citizenship class, one to one assist squns legal services. there are a number of benefit to become a united states citizen. increased financial security and stability, family reunifiication and freedom of travel. moving to [inaudible] is the one that is before you for a vote now. their naturalization service include 1 to 1 assistance and legal services at their sunset office at judah and 30th. they also